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Webshop Software – Build Your Online Store with Jooy

More than 800 million purchases are made online each year. With online shopping quickly becoming the most popular way to purchase products and services, businesses of all sizes should be investing in e-commerce software solutions. Otherwise, they are simply leaving money on the table. Jooy is a newly released webshop software that allows business owners to set up their online shop in just a few simple steps. Let’s take a closer look at what the software has to offer and how it works.

Features and Benefits

Mobile-Friendly Webshop

Mobile-friendly webshop

One of the most exciting and attractive features of Jooy is that they offer mobile-friendly online stores. With mobile web browsing and commerce on the rise, having a mobile-friendly store is becoming essential. This ensures that customers can easily shop regardless of whether they are using a tablet, desktop computer or their mobile phone.


Easy Online Shopping Cart Integration

We make it simple and easy to add a shopping cart system to your online shop. Create product pages and choose from a variety of pre-designed themes. Once your products are added, you can start selling right away.


No Technical Knowledge Necessary

We have made the ecommerce solution as simple as possible to setup and use. The administration panel’s simple design makes it easy to manage your online store. Setting up your shop is also a breeze. One of the most intimidating parts of setting up an online store is not having the technical knowledge needed to ensure that everything is working properly. Jooy takes the guesswork out of the process by taking care of the backend, so you can focus on your products and promoting them.


Getting Started

Start your own online webshop

Getting started with Jooy is just as easy as setting up your online shop. This webshop software is also designed to fit into the budget of any sized business by offering four different packages.

  • Lite – FREE to use. This package is great for casual sellers or those who are just starting out. Up to five products can be added to your shop and each one can have up to one image. Sellers can also enjoy unlimited storage and bandwidth as well as a free domain. This package is only available for a limited time.
  • Basic – Just $12 per month, or $7 per month with an annual commitment. This package allows for up to 25 products to be sold and three images to be added to each product. Unlimited storage and bandwidth as well as a domain are included.
  • Standard – Just $24 per month, or $14 per month with an annual commitment. Up to 100 products can be added with up to 5 images per product. Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, Google Analytics integration and a custom domain are also given with this package.
  • Pro – Just $99 per month, or $49 per month with an annual commitment. Up 1,000 products can be added with up to 5 images per product. This package also provides unlimited bandwidth, Google Analytics integration, unlimited storage and a custom domain.

Jooy makes setting up an online shop simple and affordable. By eliminating the need to purchase your own server and develop your own custom ecommerce site, Jooy can easily save your business hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the size of your shop.

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