The 5 Important Mobile Commerce Trends

5 Important Mobile Commerce Trends

Predicting trends for mobile commerce hasn’t been an easy task. Evidence of this can be seen in the attempt to bring NFC (Near Field Communication) to the mainstream mobile market. For a number of reasons, it just didn’t catch on. Those who invested heavily are now paying their penance. What’s important when considering the future of mobile commerce is to identify the trends that are picking up steam and make sure you are adapting them to your business. This is a list of the five most important upcoming mobile commerce trends:


1. Attractive Designs and User Interfaces Dominate

Since mobile commerce is still new, users have been very forgiving of poorly designed content. This won’t always be the case. As new technologies are being developed and designers are becoming more adept at improving the user experience for mobile shoppers, the customers will become spoiled to quality design and accept nothing less.

It’s important that you consider not just the aesthetics of your site, but the features and functions as well. Put yourself in the shoes of the user that will be visiting your mobile store. Pretty graphics and visuals don’t always equate to a good user experience. Don’t settle for one or the other. Make certain that your mobile commerce site is both visually appealing and easy to navigate.


2. Shoppers Are Becoming More Connected

We’ve seen how social interaction has become strongly integrated into normal website shopping. Amazon has shown us the importance of user reviews when selling products. More and more websites are using social engagement in the form of reviews, shares, and likes to boost sales. The same will come for the mobile marketplace.

Whether you decide to offer social incentives, giveaways, or a reward system for repeat customers, there are plenty of options for you to explore. An online marketplace is a great compliment to any social networking site you choose to create for your business. Simply create your online store, and then market it using whatever social method you prefer.


3. Cater to The Tablet User

Mobile commerce is not just for phones anymore. More and more families are jumping on the tablet bandwagon with each passing holiday gift-giving season. For many shoppers, the tablet is the primary means of browsing the Internet and making purchases online.

Tablet users need high-resolution images and an attractive layout for tablet screens. Take this into consideration when photographing your product images. Both Google and Adobe have performed studies over the past several years that have found:

Mobile Tablet Behaviour

  • 43% of tablet users spend more time on their mobile device than a computer.
  • 43% of tablet owners use their tablet to shop online.
  • 33% of tablet owners spend more time on their mobile device than watching television.


4. Payment Gateways Are Adapting

Though near field technologies have not panned out as expected, they were heading in the right direction. The movement was an attempt to address a problem that developers are still working on today. Mobile users are asking for a streamlined payment process that is not difficult to maneuver on a small screen. As new technology evolves to accommodate the mobile checkout process, developers will work to protect financial data from vulnerabilities at the same time.


5. Mobile Responsive Online Stores

One question many retailers and businesses have faced is whether or not to pursue creating a stand-alone mobile app or a responsive web-based online store. The trend has favored the mobile responsive store, and for good reason. Updating product descriptions, shipping rates, or inventory counts is simple with a web-based store. However, any changes made to a mobile app that is not web-based requires updating the application, packaging it, and re-submitting it to all of the online app marketplaces where it was listed. The clear advantage here goes to the mobile responsive online store.



Staying up-to-date with the latest mobile commerce trends can be intimidating. Our team of expert mobile commerce developers at Jooy has taken care of everything. You can get an online store that is dynamic, responsive, and follows the latest trends in online commerce. If you want your store to stand out among the crowd, then is the first and last place you need to look. An authority mobile commerce store has never been this simple to create.

Photo credit – Jeffrey Zeldman

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