How to start a webshop

How to Start a Webshop

Most people don’t realize that starting an online store or a webshop is fairly easy if you put all your ducks in a row. The hesitation to set up one comes from the assumption that thousands of people have created and failed at their ventures. What’s the guaranteed way to start a webshop?

Here’s an essential fact every aspiring online entrepreneur must know: There’s no secret formula that guarantees success apart from hard work and a contingency plan. If you had done your research well and made Plan A and B (as a failsafe), then you’d be secure in your returns.

Here is a list for of things you need to know about how to start a webshop (this list assumes that you’re decided to work long hours and really dedicate everything in your life to this venture):

1. A solid business plan

Like any business, you’ll need a rather solid business plan with your specific target goals, a clear vision of where the company is heading and a genuine description of your product or service. You’ll need something to show your financial backers that you’re about to create the next big idea. Without this, the company can’t start properly. You’re job as a founder of the business is to start everything on a very unyielding platform so that problems can have solutions later.


2. Develop the niche

This is necessary because you would need to dominate this niche later on. Your marketing effort will be based on this. Basically, you’re just exploring where the niche will go. After you’ve established a need in the market that you can fill, it’s proper to make a market analysis of your customers and develop your goals to reach them. This gives you the chance to improve your products/service in the future.


3. Finding the capital

This is where the business plans come in. If you’re looking for financial partners, you’d need to show them the business platform. It’s recommended that you start with a budget. However, some people have been successful in their web stores by bootstrapping their capital and not rely on other people.


4. A domain name for your webshop

You’ll need to legally register for a domain name based on your keywords. It’s easy to find available ones with Go Daddy and other similar online hosting service. You can get a free sub-domain if you use the hosted webshop provided by Jooy.


5. Reliable Software

Dependable software is the backbone of your store. So you’ll have to invest on an e-commerce software to set up your online store and a web hosting service. Source them online and find out what other entrepreneurs are using.


6. Online marketing tactics

Once the business is up and the store is live, you’ll need to drive traffic into it to make the sales. So you’ll also invest on online marketing such as SEO, Google Adwords and Analytics which will provide reliable data.


7. Customer interaction

Focus on your customers. Create a clear communication line with them. You’ll need social media accounts to interact with them, find out what they need more and what you can do to improve your service.

Starting an online business or webshop needs careful planning too, a solid business plan and all other elements that make up any ordinary business venture. One or two things are different but the principles are the same. Your success depends on how much diligence and proper business sense you invest into it.

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