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Flappy Bird Teaches Every Business Owner Online Marketing

The most popular game in the world at the moment doesn’t come from some of the big names, such as Electronic Arts or Rockstar Games. Instead, the most popular game happens to come at the irresistibly low price of free.

Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Bird didn’t have the large budget that game studios have. In fact, he simply creates games for fun. While most people don’t realize it, free games can be very lucrative. When it comes to advertisements, Nguyen makes an estimated $50,000 dollars per day. This is the type of money that people only dream of, but it has been a reality for Nguyen.

The real lesson with Flappy Bird is the way in which the game was marketed. Let’s breakdown the key factors that turned a seemingly unknown developer into one that has created the hottest game of the year.


Choosing a Platform

There is no doubt that Flappy Bird marketing chose the right platform for his game. In fact, developing for mobile devices is a huge trend at the moment. With literally billions of people owning cell phones, the market is massive. This is the first step to the success of Flappy Bird. By placing the game on the right app stores, the Flappy Bird business had an audience that isn’t available with console games or even flash-based online games.

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Defining a Customer Base

Business owners have to choose their advertising medium carefully, but choosing a customer base is just as important. Without knowing who would play the game, Flappy Bird would have been a bust. Nguyen knew that the game he created in 2 – 3 days didn’t have to be a graphic masterpiece, but it did need to do one thing – appeal to people.

This was done by figuring out who would play the game and more importantly, what would get them hooked. There is no coincidence that the game starts off nice and easy, but ramps up to the point that some users felt they were addicted.


The Ultimate Sales Sin

When owning a business, you have to be able to bring in a profit. While many businesses cannot give their product away for free, Flappy Birds was able to because of ad revenue that would be generated. This led Nguyen to offer his game for free. This is extremely important because:

  • Users have no reason not to try the game.
  • More people download free games than paid versions.
  • Once users played the game, they were hooked leading to residual advertisement income.
  • Those that use smartphones cross promote the game using social platforms.

By offering something for free, Flappy Bird marketing occurred in a viral manner. Since the user base are those that use smartphones, the creator knew there was a high probability that they would tweet and post about his game. This led to an increase in downloads which pushed the game further up the charts. Even with all of the subpar graphics, users found Flappy Bird to be immensely fun and eventually told everyone they knew about their newfound gaming experience.


The Reality of Fame

Now, a lot of controversy surrounds the game’s creator because he took the game offline. While he still rakes in money through advertisements, he simply could not handle the exposure – so he says. This means that when you put out a product, you must be ready for success.

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The question is, “was Dong Nguyen really not ready for success?” Many business analysts know one thing – by removing the game, Dong is now famous. Who in their right mind would run from success? The verdict is out and many people think this is the best form of Flappy Bird marketing possible. Now, the world is watching intently for his next game. Perhaps by closing down the Flappy Bird business, he has created such a following that his next game will be an instant hit.

With all of the ecommerce solutions available, there is no reason for business owners to not start off where Dong Nguyen did. Not every audience is as easily accessible, but with the right product and marketing, you too can be a success. There are even free ecommerce solutions, such as Jooy.com, that allow business owners to grow and scale up as sales increase. Now, with determining your market and offering a product that appeals to your market at an unbeatable price, you too can find success.

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