Flappy bird marketing

Flappy Bird Teaches Every Business Owner Online Marketing

The most popular game in the world at the moment doesn’t come from some of the big names, such as Electronic Arts or Rockstar Games. Instead, the most popular game happens to come at the irresistibly low price of free. Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Bird didn’t have the large budget that game studios have. In fact, he simply creates games for fun. While most people don’t realize it, free games can be very lucrative. When it comes to advertisements, Nguyen makes an estimated $50,000 dollars per day. This is the type of money that people only dream of, but it has been a reality for Nguyen. The real lesson with Flappy Bird is the way in which the game was marketed. Let’s breakdown
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Guide on How to Find Customers Online

Now that you’ve established your business and stocked your online store, it’s time to open the floodgates and let the stampede commence. Unfortunately, the flood is often times a trickle and the stampede can seem like a slow stroll. To get that traffic really coming in and making purchases, you’ll need to go out and hunt down your customers. Everyone is online. If your customers are not at your website, then they are somewhere else. The key is to go there and bring them to your store.

7 Tips to Grow Your Online Business in 2014

If you are ready to grow your online business in 2014, follow these simple steps to get you on the right path. This list is created with the assumption that you have the basics covered. A few of the basics you should have at this point are your own online store and email address. If not, you should sign up and create your store at Jooy today.   1. Use Social Network to Grow Your Online Business It is essential that in 2014, you maximize your web presence using social networking. It’s likely that as an online business, you already have a Facebook page or Twitter account. You want to make sure you are maximizing your online social potential by taking advantage of the full
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